About Therapeutic Massage

The aim of massage is to correct negative factors such as congestion and tension. Improving the circulation assists the body in speeding up the elimination of waste produce so that toxins do not have a chance to build up to harmful levels in the liver, kidneys or bowel.

During massage endorphins (the body’s natural painkillers and happy pills all rolled into one) are released into the blood stream, which allows us to relax mentally and pysically.

By working on specific trigger points, adding essential oils or homeopathic remedies to assist in easing the symptoms, the benefits of massage are even greater.

A full consultation will determine which treatment is best suited to your needs. It may be that the most appropriate massage for a particularly sensitive area is not to treat that area in the initial consultation but to work on trigger points in others areas of the body, this will help reduce tension and therefore pain. Foot reflex, Hand reflex or Head Massage are often excellent for this purpose.