Foot/Hand Reflex Massage

Based on an ancient healing therapy we aim to encourage the healing process by working on specific energy points on the feet or hands.

I will often teach the hand reflex routine to patients as it is an excellent self-help therapy which can be combined with specific essential oils.

Working the feet or hands will have an amazing effect on all areas of the body. Therefore the treatment is invaluable for patients who may be confined to bed, or who are very frail.

As with all forms of massage endorphines (the bodies natural happy pills) are released from the brain, relaxing muscles and thereby relieving stress, anxiety and pain. The circulation is improved, stimulating the blood and lymph flow and the elimination of toxins. When specific areas are worked digestion can improve. The feeling of nausea may be reduced and spirits can be lifted.

So next time you put on some handcream, or soak your aching feet and give them a rub, remember you are nourishing the rest of your body as well. Clever you!