Flower Remedies

This safe and natural method of healing gently dispels negative emotions such as fear, worry,hatred and indecision. Allowing the body to be free to recover from ill health by restoring the balance between mind and body.

There are 38 original Bach Flower Remedies as well as The Rescue Remedy. Although they are readily available to buy over the counter a practitioner would be able to combine a number of the original remedies to address your specific needs.

They will address the physical as well. I have used the Rescue Remedy to take the edge off a headache, relieve a sickly stomach, and take the sting out of a bite, to mention but a few uses.

Flower Remedies are safe for all ages and I have found them invaluable in my practice where a treat a large number of children. From not wanting to go to school to full blown trantrums, flower remedies have been known to do the trick.

One very, very young lady even suggested to her Mummy that she should ‘take some Rescue Remedy to calm down’.

Out of the mouths of babes, but she obviously was aware of the effect a few drops from the little bottle would have on her Mother.