A natural healing art using essential oils extracted from plants to tone and regulate the body while easing the mind and spirit. The effect can be relaxing, stimulating or refreshing, depending on the blend selected.

Modern research have proven the health giving qualities of different plant essences, for example the antiseptic properties of Tea-Tree, the soothing effect of Lavender and the head clearing properties of Eucalyptus.

Aromatherapy treatments do not always use massage. Indeed, in some cases treatment is more beneficial in the form of inhalation, bath oil or cream preparations.

After a full consultation specific oils can be blended to help with breathing and the aches and pains of a cold or flu. In my practice I have found Glandular Fever responds very well to oils such as Ravensara and Lavender. Whilst Arthritic joints seem to benefit greatly from the use of Chamomile and Marjoram or Rosemary (depending on whether or not the individual have blood pressure issues), these blends would be used in conjuction with specific massage routines .

All essential oils have specific health giving properties but some could cause you problems if used inappropriately. For example oils that are hormone balancing should not be used if you are on HRT. Some may have an adverse effect on medication that you may be taking. As a Practitioner I would not personally recommend Aromaterapy treatments during the first stages of pregnancy, however essential oils are very beneficial in labour.

Although essential oils can be purchased readily over the counter the synergistic blends that a qualified aromatherapist can create specifically for you are the ones that will help you maintain optimum health.

Carefully used everyone can enjoy the health benefits and sheer pleasure that essential oils can offer.

I hope you have found this information useful. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to know a little more about the therapy or if you have any specific questions.